MLM & Direct Selling Software

Direct Selling and MLM are getting more popular nowadays, and more companies are looking for a one stop solutions. We are here to provide you the solutions.

Our system provides a new approach of how processes could be done more efficiently and effectively in a MLM organization. It also enables MLM companies to explore and exploit the advantages of the Internet and Mobile technology

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Up-to-date features and functionality
  • Competitive in the market
  • Content management system
  • Cost effective

System Development

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We are also experienced in system customization. We are specialized in all kinds of system.

We provide various services for your online and mobile needs. We also do customized services to cater just for you.

  • Website Design - HTML5, CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
  • System development - Stock/Inventory system, location based system
  • Location Based Services - LBS solutions, GPS tracking plaftorm, Fleet management solution
  • Mobile apps design - Android, Iphone OS


AJL Application
We will guide you through what are the procedures for license application
Compensation Plan
Our consultants are experienced in designing attractive marketing plan
Product Sourcing & Registration
We advise on your product sourcing needs: From packaging to production to registration
Operational Setup
We advise how to start up a MLM company from the very beginning